iPowow – Centrum


Centrum is the authentication and SSO platform I developed for iPowow.  The name means “the solid central part of a vertebra, to which the arches and processes are attached.” which is applicable since this is the main hub that all employees visit to access broadcast related applications.  I architected and developed this system while leading two junior developers to implement various pieces of the UI and API server.

Centrum exposes an API that we communicate with on our other services (Lobot, Analytics) that provides a way of identifying incoming users, and authenticating them against the specific service.  Centrum also allows us to add external vendor accounts with limited access to specific services as needed.  Users can be assigned to teams — which have their own service permissions — or added directly to a service at a specified user level.

Technology Profile
  • Node.js for the API layer
  • Angular.js, Grunt for the front end UI layer
  • MongoDB, Redis for the main databases and message passing layer
  • EC2 for server infastructure