Catalyst Media Engine


This project was streaming platform used by in Ireland and in Jamaica to stream the 2012 London Olympics. The platform was built to handle the 55 different gaming events during the duration of the games, many of which were scheduled to happen at the same time. At any point in time there could be up to 55 live gaming events occurring.  The management system was designed to allow one person to manage all broadcasts from one panel.  The system was able to handle thousands of concurrent viewers, all of which received real-time event updates when events were starting and stopping, updating the available list of streams to watch automatically. It also featured fully featured DVR allowing a viewer to start an event, and go back to any point in time of that streams timeline.

Integration with the client’s websites was accomplished by developing a Player Development Kit.  All the client needed to do was embed 2 lines on their site and the entire experience was rendered and connected back to our broadcast platform.

Technology Profile
  • Node.js for the messaging and orchestration systems
  • PHP, Zend Framework for the front end management platform
  • MySQL, Redis for the main databases and message passing layer
  • EC2 for server infastructure